If you’re into big rewards when you are searching for a new credit card then an ICICI Credit Card might just be what you’re after. You get a whole whack of Payback points you can use to redeem exciting deals and prizes when you use the credit card for purchases. If you’re already into spending freely and just want some value back on what you spend the card might be for you.

Some cards are great for those looking to settle up debt, in that case you want low interest rates. Others may be looking to make a major purchase and want a few months of down time to pay it all back. You need to match your lifestyle to the card you apply for and not the other way around.

Writing down what your immediate financial needs are and why you want a new credit card will help you focus on what type of card you need. Our editors have looked into the ICICI  Platinum Chip Credit Card to provide you with details so you can make a more informed decision. This card is optimal for those that just want more rewards for the money they already spend.

Looking for a credit card that offers amazing value with Payback points, make you collect more points and get rewarded? Then get you own ICICI Credit Card today! Here's how to apply...

What are the Benefits of an ICICI Credit Card

ICICI Bank does a good job of injecting some value-added features and security in their cards. You can feel secure that your privacy will not be jeopardized.  We’re going to explore the benefits and features that come with the Platinum Chip Credit Card.

What makes this card different from the gamut is the Payback feature, India’s largest reward program. Swipe, shop and dine to collect more points and get rewarded! You can use these points to redeem lifestyle products, gadgets, travel vouchers, entertainment passes and more. Simply use this credit card to pay for your purchases to earn as many points. Note that for every Rs 100 spent, you’ll earn 2 Payback points.

If you’re always on the road, you’ll be glad to know that you can get fuel surcharge waiver by having the Platinum Chip Credit Card. Get 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions maximum of Rs 4,000. You just need to present your card to get the discount.

Another reason to love this credit card is the security it can give cardholders. With fraudulent activities happening left and right, you must have a protection. Every Platinum Chip Credit Card is protected with a chip that has another layer of security. A unique PIN will be required every time you use the card for different transactions, especially online.

Note that this card is powered by Visa and Mastercard. You can choose which platform you want and enjoy worldwide acceptance.

ICICI Credit Card
ICICI Credit Card

What are the Fees of a Platinum Chip Credit Card

As a responsible cardholder, you must settle your balance on time to avoid recurring fees. With the Platinum Chip Credit Card, the joining fee is Rs 199. There’s also Rs 99 for annual fee and 3.40% interest charge per month and cash advance. A late payment fee of Rs 100 will also be charged for not paying on time.

The Platinum Chip Credit Card is truly a wonderful card with its breath of perks and rewards. You don’t only get redeemable points but also an extra layer of protection from fraudulent and unauthorized transactions. Apply for this card today and enjoy fabulous discounts and more!

How to Apply for the Platinum Chip Credit Card

For your convenience, you can simply apply online to order this credit card. Fill out the form on the ICICI website and provide your personal information. Note that you must be at least 23 years old to apply and must have a steady source of income. You also need to be a legal Indian resident.

For the credit limit, note that the bank will set the amount depending on your financial status. Usually, the amount can be determined by your deposit. The limit can be between Rs 1,500 to Rs 20,000 or higher. And remember that each time you apply for a new card, it does affect your credit score so ensure you are happy with the card’s offerings before you take any steps to apply.

How to Contact ICICI Bank

Head office

Bandra-Kurla Complex

Mumbai 400 051

Telephone: +91-265-6722286 or +91-22-33667777

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.