Jennifer Lopez is one of the most celebrated musicians of the 21st century and that’s why she’s a millionaire. She has been behind a number of hits over the years, including Jenny from the Block. Her talents don’t end at just music alone; she’s also an actor and has featured in films such as The Wedding Planner.

With the celebrity status that she carries, her life is always in the public eye. And she also feeds the public with what they crave. Most of the time she just shows off what it’s like to be a millionaire. All of the fans that pay for her millions get to taste a little bit of her life when she shares. 

So, what does this millionaire spend her money on? Do you know what she owns? Well, you can find out more about what “Jenny from the Block” spends her money on by reading on in this piece. Also, find out what she owns with her millions she has gained over the years entertaining you.

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How Much Is J-Lo Worth?

The first question you want answered when you hear the term millionaire being associated with Jennifer Lopez is how much she is worth. The multitalented artist is said to be worth at least $400 million.

For celebrities, however, it is worth noting that their networth is much harder to determine, unlike entrepreneurs whose worth is clear most of the time. But, if you look at the hits that J-Lo has managed to create from 1999 onward, you can tell she’s worth that much, if not more.

Unless there is a serious case of wasting resources, the singer, producer, dancer, and actor has accumulated wealth in millions over the years. She, for example, went on a worldwide tour in 2012 in a deal that made a whopping $50,362,300 – that’s according to Money Nation.

So, what exactly does she spend the money she makes on? Of course, you can expect as a celebrity, that she would do some extravagant spending as well. Here are some of the things Jennifer Lopez spends money on.


One area in which almost every celebrity in the world spends big is where they live . This is expected since most of these celebrities come from humble backgrounds. She has properties in Miami, New York, and Bel Air. The latest was the Bel Air house that really caught the attention of her fans.

The house is an eight-bedroom house with 13 bathrooms. At the time of the purchase, which was in 2016, the house was bought at $28 million.

Beauty Products

Another thing that this celebrity spends her money on is the beauty products she uses. You don’t expect that baby-soft-skin look she always has to come cheap. With such flawless skin, she spends around $1200 per week on beauty.

What that money is used for includes a treatment known as human placenta facial mask. The mask is said to be full of vitamins and helps the skin to regenerate.

Her Birthday Dress

This artist once wore a dress worth at least $82,000 on a date with her boyfriend some time back. And on her 50th birthday, she went for another expensive dress again. She wore a custom made Versace dress on that day.

Most of the fashion reporters disagreed with The Hollywood Reporter when they alleged that the dress cost $15,000. The dress, from such a brand, is thought to have cost more than that amount.

Body Insurance

With her body being an image of attraction for a number of people over the years, it’s no wonder she spends millions to insure it. She has insured her body differently, as she is said to have insured her legs and her butt separately.

It is alleged that if she ever loses those parts of her body, she will receive at least $27 million. The actor, singer, dancer, and producer has never, herself, confirmed the true value of her body, which she has insured.


J-Lo is one celebrity that has been loved over the years and for good reason. She has the perfect body and a face that doesn’t age that makes people fall in love with her. She is also one of the richest celebrities in the world, and she spends a fortune on making sure she looks good and feels good all the time.