Active duty soldiers are people who are always on the move. They move to where protection is needed or where there is conflict. Some choose to leave their families back at home while others move with them. 

If you are a spouse who is always on the move, then you need a real job that moves with you. As a military spouse you need a job you can turn into a career. 

Military spouses have some benefits they can get from government if they can verify their marriage certificate, death certificate (in case their spouse died on duty) and other documents. Read on to learn how you can get a government job.

Learn About these Government Jobs for Military Spouses
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Special Agent with Military or Law Enforcement Background

The Department of Justice has a Special Agent opening and military spouses can apply if they can verify their status. You must be able to work a minimum of 50 hours weekly that may involve working in odd hours, weekends and public holidays. 

You will be on call 24/7, and the starting salary is at $62,556(GS10). Location is negotiable after selection. You must have tactical, integrity, teamwork and leadership skills. 

Also, you must be physically fit, be able to think on your feet, you must be detail-oriented and driven by the desire to make a difference in communities.

Special Agent

The Federal Bureau of Investigation needs a full-time Special Agent with teaching or Education Background. This job is open to military spouses provided you can prove your status. 

Location is negotiable after selection. Estimated salary is $62,556 to $80,721 per year and pay scale and grade of (GS10). You’ll be working at least 50 hours weekly. 

Also, you’ll be working weekends, public holidays, and odd hours, such as at night. You will be on call 24/7. Based on agency policy, you may qualify for reimbursement of relocation expenses.

You must be able to relate to people of various backgrounds and ages. Also, you should be analytical and methodical and be able to simplify complex material with clear explanations. You must have a BA/BS preferably in education and a teaching experience. 

Special Agent with Criminal Investigation or Legal Background

If you are a military spouse and have a criminal investigation or legal background, then the Federal Bureau of Investigation has an opening for you. 

Estimated salary scale is $62,556 to $80,721 annually. It is a permanent job that needs someone who can work a minimum of 50 hours weekly. 

Location is negotiable after selection. Your legal knowledge will assist in investigating criminal activity and provide legal advice. You must have a JD degree or BS/BA in a related legal field.

Special Agent with Counseling Background

Federal Bureau of Investigation needs a permanent special agent with a psychology or counseling background. It is open to military spouses that can travel because there will be occasional travel. 

Estimated salary range is $62,556 to $80721 annually. You must be able to work a minimum of 50 hours weekly and work in odd hours, weekends, and public holidays. 

As an FBI special Agent with knowledge in counseling, forensic psychology, psychology or social work, you must understand human behavior and be able to criticize and analyze motives. Qualifications include BA/BS preferably in counseling, social work, psychology or similar fields.

Eligibility for a Job as a Military Spouse 

Federal agencies apply the military spouse no-competitive recruiting process to fill positions either on permanent or temporary basis. 

Eligible people include: a spouse of an active armed forces member, a service member or spouse who is 100% disabled because of service-connected injury, and a spouse of a service member that died on active duty. However, if you remarry, you are no longer eligible.

How to Apply

Learn About these Government Jobs for Military Spouses

Meeting the above eligibility criteria does not automatically guarantee you a job. You need to have their required qualifications. You must have a BA/BS degree from a recognized university. 

You need to provide all these documents and those to prove your eligibility as a military spouse, such as your marriage certificate, copy of your spouse’s active military orders, and a DD-214 (certificate of discharge or release from active duty).  

Final Thoughts

Military spouses are eligible to some jobs using a non-competitive process. This is designed to help military spouses get jobs in the federal government