One of the downsides of being a celeb is that you have to share your life with millions of people all across the world. During the current pandemic, celebrities have not been fazed as they continue to share their life with their fans. 

One of the celebrities whose life has been in the full glare of the public eye during this quarantine is Kristen Bell. She and her husband, Dax Shepard, have caught the public eye on numerous occasions due to their antics that they post on social media. 

To learn more on how this couple has spent their time this quarantine time, you should read below. You can also find out what their family has done together during this time that families have been forced to spend time together. 

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Who are Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard?

This is one of the celebrity power couples that have dominated the news for quite some time now. They were married in 2013 and so far have been blessed with two children. The children are Delta Bell Shepard and Lincoln Bell Shepard. 

Kristen Bell is a famous actress that has appeared in films such as Veronica Mars among others. She is, however, not only an actress. She is also a singer and a director. She started her career at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. 

If you have ever watched the likes of Hit and Run, The Ranch, Without a Paddle among others, then you certainly know who Dax Shepard is. He has appeared in all those films since he broke into the acting scene. He’s not only an actor though. He is a writer, director, and podcast host as well. 

How They Spend Quarantine 

Fighting – A lot

From the reports coming from this family, they aren’t doing as well as they had perceived before this quarantine. The both claim that they are revolting due to the current state of affairs that has made them to spend time together. 

If you thought that they were fighting in a negative way, that isn’t the case. The couple are only now, after almost seven years in marriage, finding themselves after spending a lot of time with their careers. 

Getting Along Better with Their Kids                                                                

This quarantine has not only allowed couples to spend time with each other, it has also allowed them to be parents to their kids. This couple has certainly benefited from the time they have had on their hands and are so far getting along better with their children. 

In their interview with Katie Couric, they both admitted that while they aren’t getting a long well, they both have better relationships with the children. Their difficulties due to spending so much time with each other haven’t trickled down to their relationship with the children.

Social Media

What else has your favorite celebrity done that is common with every other celebrity in the world? They have all spend a tremendous amount of time on social media trying to keep their fans engaged. 

The good thing is that they have been forced to read the social media interactions rather than having someone else read them. With time on their hands, celebrities, including Kristen and Dax, have spent time on social media. 

This isn’t new to the couple as they like to publicize their lives on social media. They have, however, had much more time than before to engage and share on social media. You can find a number of their photos on Instagram and a number of tweets from the couple as well. 

Social media has certainly enabled them to engage and feel in touch with their beloved fans that have showed them loved. 

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Taking Pictures

If there is anything that this couple has done often it is take pictures. You can understand that when boredom takes over you can do anything and they are doing it all. The amount of pictures that the couple has taken, both with their children and themselves, is quite high. 


Having to spend this much time at home has been a reality check on a number of couples across the globe. Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell have not had it easy either. These are just some of the few things that this couple has done while in quarantine due to the state-wide lockdown of California.