Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – or MLBB – is one of the most highly popular MOBA mobile games. Teams of five players battle it out in an arena using five different characters or heroes to try and win the game. The ultimate goal of winning the game is to destroy the enemy team’s base.

In Mobile Legends, heroes are used by players as an in-game character and navigate the map to win the game. These heroes are acquired either through purchasing them directly using money or through the use of Battle Points.

Battle Points – or BP – are earned mainly by playing the game. Its uses include buying fragments and upgrade your emblem to make your heroes even stronger. However, there are certainly more ways to help you quickly earn Battle Points. Read on to learn more.

Learn How to Earn BP Easily and Quickly in Mobile Legends
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Claim Your Rewards

The game provides it’s players with daily log-in rewards that range from Battle Points to different items in the game, such as gifts, and tickets. These items are collected in your inventory and can be sold in exchange for Battle Points. 

Trial cards earned as a reward can also be exchanged for BP if you already own the skin or hero. Video chests also provide a good amount of BP after watching the ads.

Players can also check out the Events tab and start collecting all the rewards provided by the game to earn more Battle Points so you can purchase more heroes for the game. 

Quests also provide a huge amount of BP and players can even earn rare items that can also be exchanged for a large sum of BP. Complete your daily quests to earn points that are accumulated throughout the entire week to acquire even more BP.

Play and Win

One of the best and simplest ways to earn BP is to play the game. You gain more BP if you win a match. Losing a game can still give you BP, but not as much as you can earn by winning a game. The game also gives even more BP if you are the MVP of the match.

Certain game modes help you earn BP faster as the game mode has a shorter duration than the Classic or Ranked game mode that is usually played. 

Brawl mode is a fast-paced game wherein all ten players play the game in a single lane, and the pace of the game is much faster and players can end the game within 10 minutes or so.

Ranked matches are also a great way to earn a bulk amount of BP. At the end of a season, the game provides rewards for those who reach a certain rank in the game. This includes a huge sum of BP that players can spend. 

Be An Honorable Player

One of the best ways to earn BP is to simply be a good player. Mobile Legends rewards players that are honorable through a system called Credit Score. 

The more you play the game without feeding or going AFK, the higher your credit score becomes. When you reach a certain credit score, you get to earn more Battle Points after winning a game. 

You even get an additional percentage of the BP you’ve earned every game if you maintain a good credit score. Make sure to play the game correctly and avoid doing toxic activities that can harm the game and you will be rewarded with BP.

Earn and Complete Achievements

Learn How to Earn BP Easily and Quickly in Mobile Legends
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Another option for players to earn more BP in the game is to complete certain achievements in the game. One can attain a certain achievement by playing Classic or Ranked Games. 

Once you meet all the requirements for the specific Achievement, you gain a good amount of BP so make sure to track them down and collect them after each match.


Mobile Legends continues to be one of the most fascinating and exciting mobile games of the decade due to it’s overall popularity and accessibility. 

The fact that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is very easy to play and rewards players with Battle Points left and right allows you to explore the game even further and keeps you entertained for hours on end.