With 22 players on the field, each doing a different thing, you have got to master your controls. Otherwise Madden 20 can be a daunting game. If you are used to a handful controls from games like FIFA 20, then, this one needs much more.

Best way to learn a new game is to test your luck in “Skills Trainer”. This offers you one-on-one lessons to every game aspect. These game aspects, include defense, offense and other in-game scenarios. 

Another way to do this is to keep updated rosters since these also change monthly. Just like in other games, there are rewards, and in-game currency involved. Read on to learn how you can earn free coins in Madden 20.

Learn How to Get Free Coins in Madden 20
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Complete Challenges

Remember coins will help you move up the rank in the game. To get more coins, you’ll have to complete the daily challenges that are available. The more difficult the challenge, the more coins you’ll get. 

However, if you are just starting out, it would be best to choose challenges that you can manage. These will not waste a lot of time. The more difficult and very simple challenges might waste you a lot of time. For a newbie, I would advise you take up 3-5 star challenges.

Successfully complete one and move on to the next one. Each one that you finish, you are given Madden 20 coins. The more challenges you complete, the more coins you can gain. 

Don’t be tempted by the number of coins and spend a lot of time on a difficult challenge. Rather, finish one and move to the next as you accumulate coins in the process.

Auction House

In Madden 20 Ultimate Team, cards are also used as in-game currency. Therefore, you can trade star players for cards. In the auction house, you can trade with others to earn coins. 

These cards can then be exchanged for coins. Ensure to first study the market so you can trade when the stakes are high.


Another way of earning coins is by playing the game. If you can run the ultimate team after a long time of playing, you get to earn some extra rewards.

Keep playing to master the tricks of the game and earn coins and other rewards. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you. Endeavor to play as more games you can to accumulate more coins.

Answer Paid Surveys

Some business people run paid market research surveys on line. They collaborate with the sites of most video games. With surveys, they provide rewards, like amazon gift cards, coins, cryptocurrencies, and money. 

If you are registered, you get to see the paid surveys running. You can also update your profile so that you can get notifications for paid surveys running in your area.

Daily Logins

Learn How to Get Free Coins in Madden 20
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If you login and play the game daily, you stand to win coins and other tokens. Business people use these platforms to run their ads and advertise their products and services. 

As an incentive, they give you rewards, like coins, gift cards, and money so that you keep coming for more. The amount of coins you earn depend on how many days you login.


Madden 20 is a game that focuses on staying in the game as opposed to winning. Answer paid surveys, complete challenges, and earn coins. You’ll use these coins to purchase players and other in-game items. 

Also, you can trade your cards for coins in the auction house. Another sure way of winning coins is to play. So, keep playing!