League of Legends is an online battle arena game that was inspired by Warcraft 3. In this game players take up the role of a “champion” that possesses unique abilities and battles against a computer controlled champion or another player. 

The aim is to destroy the opponent’s “Nexus”. A Nexus is a structure found at the heart of a base. It is protected by defensive structures called towers or turrets. 

In this article we detail ways that you can get free skins in League of Legends. Continue reading to learn more about these strategies.

Learn How to Get Free Skins in League of Legends
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About League of Legends

There are other game modes in League of Legends with varying rules, objectives, and maps. Each match is different with all champions beginning off at a weak point and gradually increasing in strength through accumulation of experiences and items throughout the game. 

Champions blend a number of fantasy tropes and span various roles, such as steampunk, sword and sorcery, and Lovecraftian horror. Also, players start with a small amount of gold and earn more as the game progresses. 

Some of the ways to gain gold is through defeating minions and characters, also called non-player characters. Another way is helping to defeat enemy players, destroying enemy structures, and through unique item interactions. This gold will be used to buy in-game items, such as skins

Like the League of Legends Official Facebook Page

This is the easiest method of acquiring free skins in League of Legends. Go to Facebook and make a profile in case you don’t have one already. After, find their official Facebook page. 

Choose one with a verified tick. Then click “free Riot Girl Tristana” and it will direct you to an app. This app will enable you to open Riot Girl Tristana Skin on your League of Legends account. 

In case you don’t have Tristana as a champion, you will get the skin as well as Tristana’s champion. Then select the registration region of your League of Legends account in the app. 

Get Good at the Game

In life when you master anything, you are bound to be rewarded for your efforts. In the same vein, if you hit gold division (top 20% of player base) before a League of Legends season ends, you can earn yourself a skin

Remember each season can last approximately for about a year. Being a good player is not good if you are playing in the same outfit the whole season. Therefore, when you win, you stand a chance of changing your outfit.

Another way you can get skins is if you refer people to League of Legends. This is a move to attract more subscribers and motivate you to refer more people. Refer your friends on social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, and get rewarded with skins.

Streamers of League of Legends on Twitch sometimes give out codes for free skins. This is more like winning a lottery. You have to win these codes as opposed to just picking them.

Learn How to Get Free Skins in League of Legends
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You have to attend events if you want free skins. If you are lucky to meet the organizers, they will be glad to give you skin codes that will earn you free skins. Some of these events, include esports, Gamescon, and PAX, among others.


Take caution not to buy skins that will perform other functions other than cosmetic. Subscribe and like the official League of Legends Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels and receive codes for free skins. These are some different methods you can use to possibly get free skins in League of Legends.