Video games are a pretty common part of life today and almost everyone has one that they are into. FIFA 2020 is one of the most popular games out there, for most age groups. And, it is one of the games that are much anticipated before it is launched.

When you play FIFA, there are a number of features that you want to look at. One that you want to look at is legends. Legendary players have quite unique features that most of the game players’ would want to experience.

So, how do you get legends when you are up and playing FIFA 2020? You can find more info about that if you read on. 

Learn How to Get Legends in FIFA 2020
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Compete a Season

One part about getting legends in FIFA 2020 is that you have to complete certain objectives. One of them is completing a season. Most people tend to just play singular matches when it comes to FIFA, but that’s not how you’ll get access to iconic players.

You have to map out an entire season, for either league that you choose. In most cases, that includes playing 38 matches for the entire season. 

And, it doesn’t matter where your team finishes the league at. In all fairness, the stronger or higher you finish, the more the players you can access.

Complete Squad Building Challenges

Another thing that you can do is complete an overhaul of your team. That means that the players you’ll have should be ones that you can use. In most cases, the bronze players are the weak player that you don’t intend on using.

This will leave you with the silver and the gold players to use. In most teams, the silver players are in plenty are the ones that are majorly in use. So, just in case you’re looking to build, you can trade a few gold players for almost double for the silver players.

That will ensure that you have a full squad that is up to strength and is able to compete through the season. Bronze players are pretty much just the academy players and those who may not see their potential. 

Plus, when you buy the silver players, you get a chance to have them on the cheap before they hit gold status.

FUT Events

Another thing that you want to have a close look at are the events that can earn you players. During specific times of the year, you have a chance to get bonuses. These are some of the solid savings that are offered by FIFA when they run their promotions.

With them, you can get hold of the legends feature and have access to some of the iconic players you want. you can also grab yourself Ultimate Scream card for the sole purpose of getting the payers.

Play FUT Champions

Learn How to Get Legends in FIFA 2020
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Remember the league section? Well, if you now have the experience and if you did well to finish on top of the division, you can play FUT Champions. This is The Weekend League where you’ll be playing, and it is one of the toughest leagues that you can play.

One thing that you can be assured of when you play in this league is that you have unmeasurable rewards. You have to also realize that the league is around 30 games that are to be played over the course of 3 days. 

After you’re done with the league, you’ll have your pick of players from the team of the week or team of the season. You can also get points and coins when you’re done with the league after the weekend.


Playing FIFA 2020 can be one of the most interesting pass times that you can ever imagine. And, when you play and need to have a feel of what it’s like to have access to the legends section. 

This will enable you to have access to some of the iconic players who has better ratings and can help your team perform even better.