A cellphone today can do almost anything that you want with it. You no longer have to use your PC for things, like scanning documents, or sending an email. Your phone can do all that with little tweaks here and there.

And, with app developers becoming even more creative as days go by, you don’t need to have a webcam if you have your phone. There are ways that you can use to turn your cellphone into an effective webcam. And, you don’t need to possess any technical know-how to do it.

To get a step for step process of how you can make a webcam using your cellphone, you need to read on to learn more. 

Learn How to Make a Webcam Using a Cell Phone
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Android Phone to Windows PC

Android phones can be used with your Windows PC. You need to, first of all, download the DroidCam app from your Google Play store. You need to have a phone that’s running on Android 5.0 or higher for this to work.

Now, on your PC, download the Windows Client app and install it. If you’re using the same network for your PC and your phone, you should see the DroidCam icon appear on your desktop. Double click on it to launch it and you should be good to go.

Check your phone for the DroidCam app specifically. A few numbers should appear after the Wi-Fi IP. You need to enter the numbers to the open fields on the PC. Ensure that video and sound are in check before you launch, and it will happen automatically after the fields are filled up.

You can also use a cable if there are issues that occur. Find debug on the USB section and toggle it on and it should be fine for use.

iPhone to Windows PC

In case you have an iPhone and are worried if it will work with your Windows PC, there’s no need to worry as it can work. You need to download the iVCam app for your phone and pay an extra $20 to be able to use the phone’s microphone. 

You can always plug-in mic to the PC if you don’t have money to spend. Now, on your PC, you also need to download the iVCam from Windows and install it on your PC. 

When you launch the app, both on your PC and your iOS phone, you should be able to see the feed from the phone’s camera. That’s assuming you’re using the same network.

On your phone’s app, you should play around with the settings there to find the best resolution for use. With this option, you, however, don’t have an option to connect a USB cable, it’s all a wireless process.

Android and iOS Phone to MacOS

Learn How to Make a Webcam Using a Cell Phone
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For both devices, you need to download the EpocCam app to be able to use it. The same software should be download for the PC in this case EpocCam Webcam Viewer. 

This can easily be found in the App Store and you need to have a 10.11 MacOS to be able to download it. When you’re using the same Wi-Fi network, when you launch the apps, they automatically connect.

To confirm that the connection has occurred, a feed from your mobile camera should come up. When you’re video conferencing, you need to choose EpocCam as your input camera. If you plan on using your iOS phone’s microphone, you’ll need to use the paid version of the app.


When you need to attend a virtual meeting and you have no webcam around, you can easily use your phone. It, however, needs a few twitches to accomplish the task and a few apps to download. Use these apps so you can use your cellphone as a webcam.