Before you jump out of your seat in excitement over the idea of “making millions” in GTA V, let me bring you back to reality by saying that this is not real money. It is virtual money. We are talking about a game in which you accumulate millions and fast. In the first few hours of the game, cash is scarce. As you keep on playing, you will learn the innocent ways of earning money and cheat methods, too. 

This is a game that puts your mind to work while teaching you real things that happen around money. For instance, you can gather it slowly, which requires patience. Also, you can invest it in stocks that increase over time. You can participate in street racing, and if you master the racing tricks, you can win a race and earn money.

However, if you need money immediately, you can rob people from the ATM. The assumption is that it someone is at the ATM, they have money. Also, you can steal cars, as well as money, from corner markets and convenience stores. Ensure to be smart so you’re not caught by the police. If you’d like to learn more about money-earning methods, read on.

Learn How to Make Millions Fast in GTA 5
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Hidden Package Exploit

Here, you have special hidden packages scattered around the underwater and offshore areas. These packages contain $5,000 to $25,000. Master the PS3/Xbox 360 version exploits that enable a character to gather a specific package many times. 

You must unlock two characters to exploit this glitch well. Also, use scuba diving gear to enable your character to maintain normal oxygen levels while in water. Utilize a dinghy boat at the dock to move faster.

As you use the boat in search of the package, keep your eye on the water. When you see one, preferably the one containing $25,000, pick it up. After collecting it, switch to another character. When the switch is made, immediately change to the character in the water. 

The package will reappear at the same spot, and you collect more money easily. This glitch is not compatible with PS4, Xbox 1, or PC. This procedure requires patience if you are to make more money. You can repeat the above process to gather more money. It is easy to collect $2 million within half an hour. However, if you leave the spot where the package is, when you come back, it will be gone.

ATM Robberies

It’s a common belief among thieves that people patronizing ATMs have money, hence the point of withdrawing it from an ATM. Well, this procedure operates on the same principle. 

Just wait outside the ATM for anyone to withdraw cash and steal it with a suppressed weapon or bare fists. Endeavor to disappear before cops appear.

Armored Car Exploit

If Michael steals an armored car without a single gunshot, it is easy to generate an endless cash loop. It also means the police can be evaded with ease. So, where will resistance come from? 

If you successfully steal it, park it in your garage and save the game. While the car is in the garage, blow the doors off, loot the vehicle of all the cash, and come back later. You will find it in the same position, restocked with cash and repaired.

Learn How to Make Millions Fast in GTA 5
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Corner Markets and Convenience Stores Robberies

Usually, convenience stores have money. People are buying items in stores and markets. Walk in and point your gun at the cashier. You can shoot near him to scare him and quicken him. Grab all the money he gives you, and flee before you get intercepted by the police.

Single out your favorite stores that you suspect have money. Look for hiding places near them. Strategically park your car outside the store facing the street. 

Then, quickly grab the money, jump into your vehicle, and drive off. If you repeat this procedure at different stores and markets, you should gather a substantial amount of millions.


To gather more money in this game, be fast so that the cops don’t find you with the money. To maximize the money using the hidden treasure, be patient, and look for it underwater or around the shore. 

You can also utilize the boat to help you move around quickly. These are some surefire methods of earning millions in GTA V. Try them out during your next game play!