PalGate is a revolutionary next-generation gate management program that offers full power over gates, doors, and everything switchable. Any access point with an electrical lock or motor – PalGate will operate with it. 

PalGate devices are highly secure, cloud-based access control systems that can be controlled through a free app or server. 

PalGate allows gate manufacturers, installers, or end-users with one or more gates to manage several scenarios, including gate location, user permission, access scheduling, and user grouping. Read on to know more about Palgate! 

Learn How to Open an Electronic Gate by Cell Phone
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Opening an Electronic Gate: Efficiency 

Automating gates have been invented several years back. But, while a simple push of a button on a remote control is all it takes to operate the gates, there are still a few things that may bother us.

Also, someone we want to offer access to our property (e.g., a cleaner or a gardener) requires remote access, and we have to ensure they return the remote when they no longer need them. 

The batteries must be replaced periodically on all these remotes, and everyone must be mindful to not lose their remote so as not to endanger their safety. There must definitely be an approach to this. Here enters the effectivity and efficiency of using PalGate

Virtually everyone carrying a smartphone these days makes sense that drivers want their phone to unlock their gates. With the availability of gate opening apps, the days of buying, missing, and even replacing batteries of gate remotes are gone.

App Overview: PalGate

As an end-user, you will benefit significantly from the PalGate Access Control System. The app allows you to control different scenarios, such as adding and removing employee/guest access to your property, managing the location of the gate, scheduling access, and clustering users. 

You can also enjoy the PalGate web interface and dashboard. You can show all the access points on the globe, evaluate some of the PalGate gadgets’ signal status, check the remote battery, and even know the voltage of some access points.

Features of PalGate

The database allows users to search by the client, computer, serial number, remote, location, phone, etc. Apps include GSM access, long-range RFID, smart remotes, wireless ground loop, and Bluetooth networking – PalGate puts complete control of the gate in your pocket.

You can also feel more comfortable as the database used on this system is stored on a cloud server. You can easily access all the details from your users, such as customer name, serial number, computer, location, phone number, and more.

How to Download and Use PalGate

Learn How to Open an Electronic Gate by Cell Phone
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All you need to do is install a free app on your mobile phone, and now you can easily access any door or gate in your premises. Using this simple and powerful automation program, you can now carry out a range of security tasks on your mobile phone’s convenience. 

Also, PalGate can operate with any form of an access point as long as it has a motor and an electrical lock. It can be easily incorporated with this device. 

Most significantly, the emphasis on security can not be overstated as it is cloud-based and operated by a mobile app, so it can’t be tampered with or compromised like server-based systems. You can download PalGate from the Google Play store


An electronic gate opener makes your home much safer than a house without a single one. The security measures improve for you, and no-one can enter your premises unless you give access to open the gates and doors. 

The electronic gate openers come with built-in features that provide additional protection. Installing an electronic gate opener in its own right means building a safe area for your home where it is difficult to interfere and infiltrate. 

The level of ease improves with certain security features and especially access through your cell phone and fingertips.