If you need a card that’s going to get you through a difficult financial time, then an NDB Credit Card might be able to help. The NDB Silver Credit Card provides a 51-day interest-free period which could be just what you need to get over the financial hump.

Before applying for a new credit card, sit down and write out your financial condition and your financial goals. There are thousands of credit card options out there, you don’t have to settle one, you can choose one designed for you. There are a host of factors to take into account like interest rates, joining fees, rewards and many other things.

Each time you apply for a new card, your credit score is affected. That means you shouldn’t be playing roulette when you apply for a new card; you need to do your research. Our editors have dived into the NDB Silver Credit Card and its offerings. You can get a lot of key information about the card before you take any further steps pertaining to this particular card.

NDB Silver Credit Card – How to Apply?

What are the Benefits of the NDB Silver Credit Card?

Shopping is often more convenient with a credit card because you don’t have to pay upfront with cash. You also have time to settle your balance each month and even pay in instalments if the amount is relatively big. This is what makes the NDB Silver Credit Card truly valuable.

One of the biggest reasons to get this credit card is the longer interest-free period of 51 days. If you pay within this timeframe, you won’t be charged any penalties. Also, if you cover the amount in full, you won’t be charged interest.

Another great thing about this credit card is the access to amazing deals and promos. Since it is powered by Visa, you can get discounts on hotels, car rentals, tours and more. Plus, Visa is accepted anywhere in the world, so there’s no need to worry when travelling overseas.

Finally, if you have a larger expense coming up and worried about how you’ll pay for it, the NBD Silver credit card allows you to split the cost into easy monthly instalments over a period that suits you.

What are the Fees of the NDB Silver Credit Card?

All credit cards come with responsibilities. There is no such thing as free money so you need to be prepared to pay fees for the funds that you use. Remember to keep in mind what your capabilities are monthly and yearly before deciding on a card that is right for you. The NDB Card does have annual fees and a joining fee so keep that in mind if you are in a financial crunch. 

  • Joining fee – LKR 1,500
  • Annual fee – LKR 1,500
  • Interest rate – 28% annually
  • Late payment fee – LKR 900
  • Cash advance fee – LKR 750

Overall, the NDB Silver Credit Card is best for individuals who are after a longer grace period, the option to pay in installments and cool perks like discounts around the world. If you think you might want to give this card a try then you can check out the next section on how to apply. Before making any kind of final decision, weigh your financial condition and goals against what this card has to offer. 

NDB Credit Card

How to Apply for the NDB Silver Credit Card

To apply for this credit card you need to meet some specific criteria. For instance, you must be over 18 years old and be able to provide ID and proof of income.

To see which supporting documents you need to provide with your application, you can download a digital copy of the credit card application form on the NDB website.

Once you have filled this out, you will need to take it into your nearest NBD branch to complete the application process.

If successful, the bank will determine your credit limit based on a variety of factors, including your credit history, income and expenses. Note that you are free to state your preferred limit but the bank has the right to approve or decline the request.

How to Contact 

Head office

National Development Bank PLC.

No 42, Sagara road, Marine Drive, Colombo 04

Telephone: +94 (0) 11 2448888

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.