If you are getting bored, just think about playing a simple and enjoyable game. There is a wide range of games on the web that you can choose from.

However, people are more inclined towards those games that are challenging and fun- loaded. To assist you in this regard, we have compiled the review of a popular game. 

Here, we will talk about the most downloaded game in the world. To know which game is this, just keep reading. 


Minecraft was developed by Mojang Studios and initially released by Public Alpha for PC in 2009. Later on, the game was officially released in 2011. This game has proved to be one of the most popular and fun games. 

The best part of this game is its simplistic graphics. There is nothing hard to understand, as it is quite easy to learn and play. You just need to concentrate on the resources around you and devise plans to grab them. 

Although the Minecraft game looks impressive on top-notch gaming PC, yet you can also enjoy this game on your android and iOS devices. There are numerous versions available for this game, yet the fundamentals are almost the same. 

However, the Pocket Edition of Minecraft for Android or iPhone devices is slightly different from the PC version. By playing this game, you are joining a community of builders who look for the resources to build and craft in augmented reality.

When playing this game, you need to find everything for your survival. You have to figure out all the problems that you come across while playing Minecraft. The game can also be played with other members by creating a team. 

You need to perform the following activities. 

  • Explore new resources in the Minecraft Earth version, like moobloom, muddy pig and more
  • Collaborate and work with other team members to build a communal masterpiece
  • Populate your builds with gathered resources
  • Create amazing builds in the tabletop mode and convert them into a real-world
  • Explore the neighborhood and experience its evolution


Downloading Minecraft is easy, as you just need to visit the Google Play or App Store. The mobile version is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.  

How To PLAY It on Mobile or Laptop

Minecraft is the most downloaded game. The reason being is its simple graphics and easy to control interface. It’s a game for all ages, which suggests why it was downloaded in such a high number. 

You can play this game both on your smartphone and on PC. Hardcore gamers more prefer the PC version due to its impressive graphics and a bigger field of view. However, it feels ok to play Minecraft on your phone. 

Minecraft is available in two modes, Survival Mode and Creative Mode. The survival mode involves dodging enemies (mobs) and creating your craft with whatever you find. 

However, Creative Mode is different, as it provides you every necessary item that you may need to construct huge buildings. 

Playing Minecraft on your laptop is also easy. However, you need to keep the graphic drivers updated. You can download these drivers without any cost. 

Furthermore, the keyboard of your laptop would also serve the purpose well. On the other hand, using the touchpad instead of a mouse can be rather tricky, but players can get used to it after some time.  

TIPS and Tricks 

To enjoy the game, it would be appropriate to take a look at these tips and tricks. 

  • When playing the game locally with your friends, make sure all the players (max 5) are on the same server. Just go to the game settings and switch on the “Local Server Multiplayer” game on your mobile devices.
  • If you want to join the world of a team member, just open the game on the device of such a team member. After that, other members can join the team in a particular game setting or the world.


Minecraft is an exciting survival and creative game designed for players aged 10 years and above. This simple and easy to play game requires you to explore and create your resources to survive. As a whole, it’s a fun game to play.