As increasingly more students need more assistance with their studies, online tutoring jobs are on high demand nowadays. English tutors are among the most sought-after positions among online tutors now, as more students require speaking and writing assistance. 

We live in the Internet era, so online tutoring jobs without a degree become common. You don’t need training or a degree to apply for remote and freelance tutoring jobs.

In most cases, customers look for experienced individuals with professional skills who can deal with all the types of learners. Let’s find out more about online tutoring jobs!

What Do Online Tutors Do?

Online tutoring has to be similar to regular tutoring. You will need to come up with a reliable lesson plan. Accordingly, you must teach your students and even closely watch their improvement. Additionally, testing your students is also essential to observe if they learned the lessons and respond to your techniques and methodology.

How Much Can You Make As An Online Tutor

In comparison with professional K-2 or college teachers, online tutoring jobs come with lower rates per hour. That means a lower monthly or yearly wage. But there are some advantages, such as working from home, managing your own time, and even the freedom to select your preferred students.

To get down to business, some clients offer as much as $20 per hour. Even though it is lower than what a professional earns, it’s still a pretty decent rate. And if you work for an online tutoring company and get excellent results, you will receive bonuses. 

As a freelancer, you will be able to set your own rates, but you must be an experienced online tutor to attract clients who are ready to pay more than $20 per hour.

Given the rate presented above ($20/hour), at 8 hours a day, you will earn $800 per week from online tutoring jobs. That means $3,200 each month. However, that’s the ideal example. 

Keep in mind that rates will vary, depending on projects, clients, the company you collaborate with, and so on. In reality, for five days of work per week, you might earn between roughly $2,500 and $3,500 each month.

If you’re affiliated with an online tutoring company, it will evaluate your teaching skills based on clients’ feedback, evaluations, and/or comments.

What Types Of Tutoring Jobs Can You Get Without A Degree?

When you’re ready to apply for online tutoring jobs, you will find a lot of specializations. However, you should only opt for what you’re good at, depending on your skills, studies, and experience. Nowadays, the most common online tutoring jobs revolve around homework tutoring, English as Second Language, and test preparation.

Usually, most of the online tutoring jobs don’t need you to have a degree. However, you must meet some requirements. You must possess a pleasant personality that matches that of a professional teacher, experience in your specialization, and the possibility to work with more students. Also, you must be fluent in English.

Furthermore, as it is an online job, you must have a laptop or desktop with an active and reliable Internet connection. Having a camera and a microphone is a must.

How to Apply for Online Tutoring Jobs Without a Degree

There are many online tutoring platforms. However, we recommend you opt for TutorMe, BuddySchool, TutorClass, or Skooli. Sometimes, you might provide your ID card (driver license might work, too), bank or credit card details, or tax numbers.

Once the platform has approved your profile, you will have to take a test to qualify. If everything goes fine, you will get your teaching materials.

For freelancers, Upwork is one of the best platforms out there for remote, part-time, and freelance jobs. The platform offers higher rates than others. Also, the competition is lower on this one. The platform also features many online tutoring jobs without a degree.


Even though you don’t have a degree, you can still apply for online tutoring jobs. All you need is teaching skills, a professional conduit, and a teacher-like approach to help students learn. English tutoring is in high demand nowadays. 

If you’re fluent in English, you can teach it as a second language. Perform well, and you will climb up the career ladder and earn higher hourly rates and more clients.