According to stock estimates, there are more than 10 million Filipino emigrants all over the world. With these individuals wanting to keep in touch with their home country, there is no doubt that there is a demand for apps that allow them to watch Philippine TV online.

Being able to watch TV series online without having to catch them live on cable is a big perk of modern technology. You can catch up on episodes as fast as you want and on your own schedule, too.

If you are one of these people, here are some TV apps you should look out for to watch TV online in the Philippines.

iWant TFC

Filipinos across the globe have been keeping themselves updated with shows and movies from back home with The Filipino Channel (TFC). Released by media giant ABS-CBN Interactive, Inc., the TFC app allows Filipinos to catch up on news, telenovelas, and films from the Philippines on-the-go.

By signing up as a member, you can get immediate access to a wide variety of Philippine movies, shows, live news, and sports broadcast by ABS-CBN.

You can choose from 3 subscription packages offered by TFC, namely Basic (free but limited access to trending ABS-CBN shows), Lite (access to trending ABS-CBN teleseries and news broadcasts), and Premium (access to the entire TFC library).

The best part is that you can use the TFC app not only on your tablet or smartphone but also on your computer (through TFC’s website), smartTV, game console, and other streaming devices.

GMA Network

Not one to fall behind, GMA New Media, Inc. also launched its own TV app to make their media content available to Filipinos around the world. This app gives access to the network’s own television shows.

GMA Network’s interacTV feature enables you to learn more about your favourite shows all while watching full episodes!

For those wanting to keep track of news and current affairs in the Philippines, GMA Network can be a great source. You can even catch up on entertainment news and other content using this app.

This app also allows you to play games, which can reward you with exclusive info and reward points! If there’s anything better than the reward offers, it is the fact that GMA Network is free-to-use, making it more worth your while.


If you are looking for an option that will let you watch content from both big television networks and more, you might want to check out the HOOQ app.

This TV app lets you access shows produced by ABS-CBN, GMA, and Viva, as well as other production companies. It has the latest and trending shows from both networks, while also offering Hollywood series.

Perhaps what gives the HOOQ app an edge over competitors is that it also carries independent Filipino films. You can use this app for free (up to 7-days for the free trial) or by getting a subscription. You can subscribe for 7 to 360 days, depending on your needs.


Keeping tabs on shows from the Philippines has never been easier with these online TV streaming applications. So, make sure you check out these apps to keep yourself up to date with your favorite Filipino television shows, news broadcasts, and even entertainment news!