Fortnite has been one of the most popular games for quite some time now. It is undeniable the impact the game made on modern gaming.

Their success is owed mainly to Epic Games’ ability to keep pumping out new features. They breathe new life into the game with each season.

Of note, one particular feature brought joy to many households with a single console. The ability to enjoy old-school split screen has come to Fortnite.

A Little About Fortnite

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a unique and genre-defining game that crashed waves on its release date of 25 July 2017. Since then, it has been the go-to for competitive and cooperative gaming for many, and this is because it set such a high standard for the genre it helped define.

‘Battle Royale’ is a genre that refers to free-for-all multiplayer, where a large group of players get placed on a single server and battle it out until there is but one standing. The maps are littered with various items that players can find and utilize to this end. 

Areas of the map are then cordoned off, effectively shrinking the play space, forcing engagements between players and creating these intense moments of chaos as people rush to the center of the safe zone, trying to be the last one remaining.

Epic Games took this style of game and added their flavor to it, spinning in new features that set it apart from other games of similar genres, letting it truly stand out. 

For example, one of the core mechanics of the game is the building feature, which allows players to harvest resources from the environment and shape the map as they play and fight, creating towers, defenses, and structures to gain an edge against each other. 

This small addition made a huge difference as players got into ‘build battles’, building off of each other, trying to one-up the other player, and secure the win.

It has been this mentality of providing an experience in the genre that was still different and unique that gave Fortnite such success. It is why the game will continue to be successful as they continue to try and improve and provide new features and change up the game to keep it nice and fresh.

The Importance of Split Screen in Multiplayer

As the world of gaming collectively did a shift from local to online multiplayer, split screen became a lot less prevalent. From a progress and business standpoint, this makes sense, as gaming grew to such an internationally loved pastime that it became almost essential to cater to the needs of the masses. 

More and more people wanted to play in groups that simple four-player split screen wasn’t able to provide for anymore.

But it was a feature that many of us fondly recall, as we played Halo or Call of Duty with our friends or siblings on our Xbox 360. Split screen was how we did multiplayer growing up, it’s what many of us started our gaming careers on, and the fact that we lost that feature overtime is a real shame. 

It may not have been the best mechanically, as you would have to contend with a smaller screen size that was often overloaded with information, as well as the other person occasionally looking over to your side to get a cheeky kill, but these memories are what formed our foundation, it didn’t need to be flawless for a good time.

How to Use Split Screen on Fortnite

Now here is the million-dollar question. The ability to enable split screen on Fortnite is a wonderful little addition, even if it does just feel like a novelty. It gives us that nostalgia trip and the ability to experience games as we did as kids, all while playing modern games with new mechanics we never would have dreamed of back then.

Using it is incredibly simple. You don’t need anything more than a second controller and a good internet connection to support it. Do the following, and you’ll be golden.

  1. From the Main Menu, turn on and connect the second controller.
  2. The second player will then be allowed to log in.
  3. From there, split screen will be enabled once you get into a game.

It’s as easy as merely connecting a second player; no additional settings required. Do keep in mind the following, which came from the FAQ section on the Fortnite store page.

  • You will need a stable and fast internet connection
  • If one player disconnects, split screen ends
  • Only the match is split screen, not any menus
  • Players do not share inventory
  • Both players will need the same language settings enabled

Now get that Victory Royale with your friends, old-school!

The Bottom Line

Hopefully this guide will help you enhance your Fortnite gaming experience! Grab your friends and see how can reign supreme today!