Since its release, Minecraft has become the second most popular game ever created – trailing closely behind the classic arcade game, Tetris. 

It is a game about exploration, crafting, construction, and slaying monsters, and has provided kids and adults alike with countless hours of entertainment for over a decade.

It only makes sense that you’d want to play such an entertaining game with your friends, so we’re going to show you how to do just that. 

Minecraft Multiplayer Mode

There are four options available to players who want to play with their friends: LAN (local area network), online servers, Minecraft Realms, and split-screen (only available for console versions). In order to play with other players, your game version will need to be the same as theirs, for both LAN and online hosting. 

Your current game version is displayed at the bottom of the main menu for all platforms. Be sure to visit Minecraft’s website for more information on how to change your Minecraft game version. 

Playing on a LAN

For users playing Minecraft: Java Edition, which is the PC version of the game, looking to play with someone on your network, you will first need to select a host computer. This computer will have to be able to run the game smoothly, while also being able to act as a server for other players.

Start by launching the game and selecting ‘Single Player’ (don’t worry, you won’t be playing alone) and creating a new world or loading one that already exists. Once you are in the world, press the ESC key and click the button that says ‘Open to LAN’.

From here, you will be able to choose which game mode you and your friends will be playing, with Survival being the default. You will also be able to determine whether or not cheats can be used. 

After you have set the parameters, click the ‘Start LAN World’ button. You will notice a message that tells you a local game has been hosted.

Other players on your network should then start their games, select “Multiplayer”, and wait for their computer to detect the host game automatically. This will usually take a few moments. 

For users playing Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, which is the platform used by consoles and mobile devices, you will need to make sure that each player is connected to the same network and then decide on a device that will host the world. Again, you will have to make sure that all players are running the same version of the game. 

To start a LAN game, press play, create a new world or edit a world that already exists using the pen icon. Navigate to ‘Multiplayer’ and ensure that you enable the ‘Visible to LAN Players’ option, and start the world. Those joining the host’s game will need to navigate to the Play menu, open the Friends tab, and look for the LAN Game. 

Do You Need the Internet to Play Minecraft with Friends?

If you’re playing Minecraft with your friends using the LAN method, then you won’t need the Internet. However, if you plan to play with friends that are some distance away, you will need the Internet.

Minecraft: Java Edition users will need to select the Multiplayer option from the menu, click the ‘Add Server’ button, and enter the web or IP address of their desired server. There are thousands upon thousands of public servers available to join if you do not know the IP of a server, just search for them on the Internet. 

See here to learn how to set up your very own server. 

For players using Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, there are Minecraft Realms available, a multiplayer service developed by Mojang themselves. Setting up or joining one of these realms is extremely quick and easy, and they allow for you and up to ten friends to play at the same time. 

Is it Free?

If you are hosting a Minecraft server through a website like Servermania, you can expect to pay somewhere around $15 a month. Most players just want to play with two or three of their friends, in which case a server is not required.

You will only need to purchase a copy of the game if you are looking to play with a small group of friends. There are no other payments or subscriptions required. 


Playing Minecraft with your friends can provide you with hours and hours of fun. We hope to have shed some light on the process of how to do so!