There are plenty of browser-based games that allow you and your friends to have plenty of fun together. 

Perhaps the most popular of these games is Roblox, a blocky sandbox with hundreds of user-made game modes and minigames

In this article, we’re going to give you a rundown of how you can play Roblox for free online, either alone or with a group of friends. Read on for more. 

What is Roblox?

Roblox is advertised as an ‘Imagination Platform’. It allows players to create or play millions of 3D games online and was launched in 2007.

It has more than 64 million active players each month and is estimated to have a total of 178 million accounts on the platform. It’s not just a browser game, though – you can also download it on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, and is listed as a 12+ game with Parental Guidance advised

Roblox is a game developed for gamers by gamers. One of its core functions is socialization since users are encouraged to befriend other players that are online at the same time that they are. 

The Roblox Suite allows gamers to create and develop their very own game or create another world with their friends. Users are able to socialize, imagine, play, interact, and relate with others in a wide variety of ways. 

The site operates on a freemium business model, meaning that creating an account is entirely free, and you can play most games without spending a cent, but you will have to sit through some adverts. If you want to experience Roblox free of ads, you will need to purchase some Robux, which is the game’s virtual currency. 

How to Play

To start playing, you are going to need to create a Roblox account – the process is just like signing up for pretty much anything else online. The site requires you to be over 18 years of age or to have permission from a parent or guardian to use the platform.

The site states that it filters the profiles of users that are 13 years old or younger users, so there is very little personal information posted. Unfortunately, this is not the most reliable feature, and parents should be wary of this when their kids are playing. 

To sign up, you will have to provide a birth date, sex, and a custom password. You will then be granted access to a platform that looks similar to any other social networking site and will be prompted to customize your avatar and begin searching for friends. 

After this, you will receive a message that invites you to visit forums, create groups, or ask others to play with you. Your profile will display certain personal information, like your avatar, the history of the games that you have played, so you can conveniently access them again, and your list of friends. 

Roblox is not just one game. In fact, it is the culmination of more than 15 million games.

There are specific controls for folks playing on PC. The Help section will provide a keyboard and mouse map which displays all of the controls that you will use to play the game. Clicking on the setting menu will allow you to customize these settings and the camera settings to your liking. 

Roblox can be downloaded from the App Store here or the Google Play Store here

Downloading the Roblox Software

You will need to install the Roblox Player to access its games. If you are interested in developing your own games, you will need to install the Studio as well.

To install the Roblox Player, visit the Roblox Website and log into your account. Click on any game and click the ‘play’ button. 

A download will begin, and you will be prompted to choose a program. Select ‘Roblox’ and confirm your selection. 

Once the player has been installed, you will be able to play.

For Roblox Studio users, you will need to click on any of the games, click ‘Menu_Icon_Remasteres’, which can be found in the top right corner. Select ‘edit’, after which a download will begin. Once the download has finished, you are free to create.


Whether you are an avid gamer or not, getting started in Roblox is super easy. It offers hours and hours of great fun and is an excellent place for kids and adults alike to express their creativity