There are plenty of reasons to learn new songs on the piano, especially when you are a beginner learning the instrument’s basics. 

Learning different songs while learning how to play the piano will give you a better understanding of the instrument, and will help put the techniques that you learn into practice. 

We’re going to go through how you can learn one of Adele’s most popular songs, ‘Someone Like You’, on the piano.

Tips for Learning New Songs on the Piano

Learning to play a new song on any instrument can be frustrating, but particularly for the piano. It can take weeks and months of constant practice before you start to see any signs of progress, which can be quite demotivating.

However, if you employ some good practice strategies, you’ll be able to learn any song in no time. Here are a few tips for leaning a new song on the piano:

Look for a fun and accessible song

Good music is the best motivation to have when learning the piano. You will obviously need to know some fundamentals before you start playing, like the position of your hand on the keys.

Choosing a good song to learn is more challenging than it might seem. If the song is too simple, you will get bored, and if it’s too complex, you will quickly become frustrated

The trick is to find an easy transcription of a song, in this case, Someone Like You. There are plenty of websites that provide such transcriptions, like 8notes and Flowkey

As a beginner, stay on the lookout for songs that have only a few notes in the left hand, or bass clef, only have chords of three notes or less, and that do not involve any tricky fingerwork or hand movements. This will ensure that you have an easier time learning to play the song of your choice. 

Break up the song into sections

Once you have decided on a song, start dividing it into sections of around 5 to 10 seconds. This is useful since your brain is running at maximum capacity when learning the piano. It needs to memorize complicated hand motions, and there is only so much it can store before it becomes overloaded. 

Various studies have concluded that segments of about 5 to 10 seconds are the perfect length for your brain to handle. Instead of attempting to learn the entire song at once, learn one 5 to 10-second long section each day.

Practice daily!

You will progress much quicker if you practice for half an hour every day rather than two hours once a week. The frequency at which you practice is far more important than the duration. 

Two sessions of twenty minutes every week will yield much better results than one session of fifty minutes. It is also much easier to sit down at your piano for twenty minutes a day than fifty minutes a week.

Learning ‘Someone Like You’

Adeles’ song ‘Someone Like You’ is characterized by its iconic piano riff. It is super simple, which is what makes it so catchy and effective.

Instead of breaking down the entire song into countless steps, which would have you reading this article for hours, we’ll just link a few videos that detail how you can learn the song at home.

Easy piano tutorial or an Intermediate piano tutorial based on your skill level.

Why Learn to Play the Piano Anyway?

There are a number of physiological advantages that come with playing the piano. For starters, it sharpens your motor skills, improves your hand-eye coordination, and improves your dexterity.

Music has also been proven to decrease the chance of cardiac complications, reduce your respiratory and heart rates, increase immune response, and lower blood pressure. Playing the piano will also strengthen your arm and hand muscles more than the average person. 


Learning a new song on the piano is not as difficult as it seems, but it will require some determination and practice. If you can apply yourself and practice every day, then you will become a master of the instrument before you know it!