Valorant is a first-person shooter that is upcoming and free-to-play. It is developed by Riot Games and is was released in the Summer of 2020.

There is a lot to learn and master in this game, especially for non-gamers or those who are just new to Valorant. 

We’re going to cover all of the basics that you need to know about Valorant to help you get started playing this great game. Read on to learn more!

Learn to Play Valorant Today: A Game Guide
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Valorant boasts a free for all, search and destroy style of gameplay, in which the goal of the attackers is to plant a bomb, while the defenders try to prevent them from doing so. 

Players are grouped in teams of five, and they alternate between attacking and defending

Teams switch sides and forfeit any equipment and money that they may have gotten at the halftime mark. Players are able to choose from a cast of Agents, each with their own unique abilities that alter the playing field in interesting and exciting ways. 

The team that wins 13 rounds before the other wins the game. The attackers must attempt either to destroy the entire defending team or plant and set off ‘the spike’, which is the Valorant equivalent of a bomb.

Bomb Sites and Equipment

Most maps will have around two or three bomb sites that the attacking teams will need to secure in order to plant the spike. 

If the attackers successfully plant the spike, the defenders will have 45 seconds to defuse it and win the round – the attackers win if they fail to do so.

Players can purchase weapons and equipment during the buying phase at the start of every round, using the currency that they accumulate during the previous rounds. 

If you die during a round, your weapons and equipment will be lost, though any abilities that you purchased will be saved. 

Acquiring and Choosing Agents

There are 10 different playable Agents that players can choose from in Valorant. They each come with their own unique abilities that affect the battlefield and gameplay.

Each character may choose one free ability every round, and the other two abilities must be purchased in the buy menu at the start of every round, the same way you would with your weapons and equipment. 

There are numerous synergies between character abilities, so you should put some thought into the abilities that you purchase, so that they may work in combination with the abilities of other Agents on your team. 

Ultimate Abilities

Every Agent is also equipped with a unique Ultimate Ability. These are incredibly powerful abilities that have the potential to completely turn the tides of the round when used correctly. 

Some ultimate abilities can destroy multiple enemies simultaneously, like Jett’s Ultimate, which allows you to fire a rapid barrage of throwing knives that instantly kill any target that they hit. 

Other ultimates will obscure the visions of the enemy team, such as Viper’s ultimate, which drops a toxic cloud on the targeted area.

Creating a Healthy Economy

Learn to Play Valorant Today: A Game Guide
Image Source: Dignitas

Having a healthy economy is crucial to being successful in Valorant matches. Your economy is the amount of money that you and your teammates have in the bank that can be used to purchase weapons and equipment. 

Your economy will determine your access to much-needed firepower, so having a bad economy will result in poor performance. Each round, players will spawn with the Classic pistol and will be able to choose an ability for free. Other abilities, weapons, and equipment will cost money, which you will accumulate throughout the match. 

The first round of each half is usually called the ‘pistol round’ since all players will only really be able to afford pistols and light shields. As the rounds progress, you will accumulate more money, which will allow you to access more powerful abilities, weapons, and equipment. 

Team coordination is vital in a game like Valorant and is just as crucial to building a healthy economy within the game. Buying with your team is important, so ensure that you buy with your team so that you have the highest chance for success. 


Valorant is quite a complex tactical shooter game that is rich with gameplay mechanics and strategies. There is plenty to learn and master, and the tactics and metas within the game will likely change as the game is developed further. 

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