Post Retirement Employment Tips

It’s a lot easier to afford a retirement of 10 years than the retirement of 30 years. When elderly individuals retire, there is a disturbing trend of older employees being forced out of their careers. 

Just because you expect to work until you’re 65 or 70 at your current job, that doesn’t mean that vision is shared by your boss. 

Here are a few suggestions to reconsider retirement as you know it, as you take a new look at your retirement and career plans. Read on to learn more about these post retirement tips.

Post Retirement Employment Tips
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Rolling Retirement: Overview

Baby boomers are woefully underprepared for retirement to begin with. A Stanford Center on Longevity 2018 report showed that almost a third of baby boomers with a retirement plan had nothing saved. 

And, they are not making up for lost time, with just 40% actually contributing to retirement plans funded by employers. A strong reason for working later in life is receiving a wage. 

But, this isn’t the sole explanation. With health insurance rates skyrocketing, the value of employer-sponsored health care policies is difficult to overstate. In reality, many individuals specifically work part-time jobs for health benefits.

Tips to Get Started 

It’s vital to remember that you may not find a place initially that gives you everything you’re looking for. When it comes to their job schedule and wages, part-time jobs often require the worker to be flexible. 

To approach the job quest with an open mind is a smart idea. Although the job may not be perfect, once you have shown that you can contribute to the business, you may likely work with your manager to improve. 

A job feels less like a job if you enjoy what you do. To find a work that allows you to pursue your interests, use this opportunity.

If it’s work that will enable you to use your talents and experience to support others or just one that gives you rewards, such as discounts, then a part-time job may be a good thing.

Bump Up Your Networks

Networking is essential at any age, but it is incredibly crucial after a break in your work life. All in your working acquaintances circle should be aware that you want to jump back in. 

It’s time to do the job if you don’t have social media accounts, or if they’ve not been updated in a while. And, hire a college student or web designer to make you a website that can serve as your online resume, if you have the money. 

You don’t need fancy things from the portfolio, just a single page showing your experience and history.

Become a Consultant

By now, you know your industry inside and out. The selling of your services as a consultant is one way to draw on your experience and network. You get to pay for what you want, work for whoever you wish to, and use whenever you like. 

You can decide that this isn’t for you. Or, you may decide that the best step you have ever made is to cash in on your experience and write your own paycheck.

Become a Coach 

Post Retirement Employment Tips
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The experience and wisdom you have gained over the last few decades are needed by younger adults. Give a helping hand to them and pay for the support you have got over the years. 

Voluntarily, you can do this and give away your time or charge for it and gain some additional money. You can opt to leave your day job and set your own hours once you’re secure in your skills and client base. 

Think about getting your Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) if you’re interested in becoming a career coach. Alternatively, as a personal mentor, you might act more generally. At the International Coach Federation, launch your exploration of the area.


You should know how much retirement income you need, whether you want a retirement job or need a retirement job. Using a retirement calculator is a simple way to consider your retirement income needs and handle your overall retirement portfolio. 

You can quickly see whether you need the money and what happens to a retirement career with your short and long-term retirement finances.

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