With COVID-19 being seemingly impossible to contain in most countries, new cases are being reported almost every day. In this situation, financial crises are bound to happen. Currently, most markets are crumbling and banks are limiting just how much you can withdraw from your account on a given day. Without these regulations, banks would be swamped by customer withdrawals and would fail, which is a bad thing financially.

With that in mind, how do you prepare for a financial crisis? You may have never experienced a financial crisis before and are not sure what exactly it entails. But you are certain of one thing, you have to be prepared for it. Especially financially, you need to make sure you are making good decisions. 

One thing you know is that you have to ration your use of both your finances and your goods. A crisis can be anything from illness, accident or, as we have it today, a pandemic that has caused some countries to be in total lockdown. So, how do you ration your goods and finances?

financial crisis

Spend On What’s Essential

One downside to a crisis is that, in most cases, you don’t know how long it will take for it to end. That’s why you have only buy essential things when you spend. Forget luxury for a minute and focus on the most important aspects of your life. Forget about paying for your gym membership for a while and focus on spending on health insurance instead. Also, you can take out personal and accident coverage, just in case.

Don’t Panic

Whenever there’s a crisis we tend to go straight into panic mode. This can really mess you up financially as the crisis requires you to be calmer than ever. When you panic, you go into panic-buying in most cases. When in that form of state, it is likely you won’t go for the essentials and instead buy things you don’t need. You need to ration your money, right? So, why go into panic state buying mode? Stay calm.

Spend If It’s A Must

This applies to both goods and money when you’re in a financial crisis. You don’t know when you can access your money if it’s the kind of crisis we are in today. So, only spend when it is a must. If you can go without food, then do it. If there’s tap water and the government assures you it’s clean, why do you have to buy water? It’s time to suck it up and only buy things you need but don’t have.

Make A Budget

If you’ve never had a budget before then this is your time to start. Budget for the whole month or two, when you’re in crisis. This ensures that you get only what you need and you don’t forget anything you may need. Then, you get to save as much as possible since you are only buying essentials.

Minimize Your Bills

You now have to prepare to minimize your bills. You’re in a financial crisis, after all, this isn’t the time to leave your water running or electricity unchecked. You may run out of both with no extra cash to pay up. Keeping a close eye on your frequent bills ensures you spend less on them and that you ration them as much as possible. If there are bills you can get rid of, then this is the time to do just that. Luxury cable subscriptions and such should be lowered to the lowest possible rate or flat out canceled.

financial crisis


Rationing your money and goods to see you through a crisis isn’t easy by any measure of imagination. But when the time comes, this is something that has to be done. If not, you may not last the entire financial crisis you’re facing smoothly and unscathed. By making a budget, spending well, and keeping your eye on the ball through the crisis, you’ll get through it.