If you are looking for a multi-utility credit card that can serve a wide variety of functions with a single asset, this is the one. The Santander All in One credit card is known as an all-rounder card bundled with several perks making it a better choice for everyone. 

Credit cards that have specific functions are limited to a certain customer segment. They are popular in that particular segment. For instance, the travel credit cards are good for regular travelers, and the cards with functions for shoppers have corresponding offers. 

But the Santander all-in-one credit card delivers all these benefits in one card giving the opportunity to travel, shop, and dine while enjoying cash backs, interest-free periods, and much more. 

Santander All in One Credit Card - Learn How to Order and Get Cashback on Purchases

Santander All in One Credit Card Features

Experts say that this is the true all-rounder credit card. This is because when you get a credit card, the first 26 months are like your honeymoon period. In these months, you won’t be charged for interest on the purchases and the balance transfers. 

Added to this, you will also get 0.5% on ALL the purchases that you do via the card. If that’s not all, you stand to gain from up to 15% cashback with the retailer offers. 

For those who are already dealing with two or more credit cards and worry about getting into debt, but they still extrapolate some spending in the future, this card can prove to be useful. Not to mention that you won’t be charged anything on any sort of foreign purchases made outside the country. 

Pros and Cons of the All in One Santander Credit Card

One of the best things about the card is the interest-free period that is combined with a cashback of 0.5%. The users who stand to gain the most out of this card are the ones who are dependent on credit cards to make through their daily expenses, but they don’t want to enter into a debt situation. 

There is a lot of on-paper and practical benefits of the Santander All-in-One credit card, but one of the things that are not liked by the users is its monthly fee. With this card, you will be charged £3 per month. Also, the person applying for the card should earn more than £7500 per year, which is also something that the users dislike. 

Santander All in One Credit Card Fees

  • Monthly fee: £3
  • Representative APR: 21.7%
  • Balance Transfer APR: 0% for the first 26 months, after that – 15.9%
  • Balance Transfer Fee: 0% for the first 26 months, after that – 3% or £5 (min)
  • Cash Advance Rate: 29.9%
  • Late Payment Fee: £12 (No fee until 1st February 2021)
  • Foreign Transaction Charges: 0

Credit Card Eligibility

To get this credit card, first and foremost, you need to be a resident of the UK and have obtained the age of 18 and above. Moving on, you should not have any other All in One credit card beforehand. 

Apart from these conditions, you should also have an income slab of more than £7500 per annum. The statutory credit checks and status reports are a necessary step for this credit card. 

How to Apply for the Santander All in One Credit Card?

Santander bank provides two methods to apply for a credit card. One, you can approach them at the local brand and apply from there. However, it is always better to first book an appointment. But the second and quicker way is to apply online.

With the online process, you stand to gain from the simple process and also get a reply to your application shortly after applying. The online application takes on 10 minutes, provided you have all the papers ready to be uploaded. 

Bank Address and Contact

You will find all the information about the credit card on the website. However, to know more about the card, you can always contact the bank or give them a call. 

2 Triton Square, Regent’s Place, 

London, NW1 3AN, 

United Kingdom

Phone: 0800 9 123 123

Santander All in One Credit Card - Learn How to Order and Get Cashback on Purchases


Given the assortment of benefits associated with it, the Santander All in one credit card is a great purchase. But if the income condition and the monthly fee were any less, it would have been one of the best credit cards offered by Santander. 

Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit products. Ensure you consult the bank’s terms and conditions page before agreeing to anything.