Saving is a habit that is many financial experts today are trying to teach. However, despite all of the efforts from financial advisors, people just aren’t saving enough. The truth is, many people just don’t know where to start.

Saving can seem rather daunting when you are starting from scratch. Nonetheless, we all have to start something. And the sooner you start saving, the easier it will become with time. This is because the practice of saving is a habit that can become second nature over a number of years.

A great place to start your savings journey is to save all of the pocket change you receive. Why is it important to start saving every last penny of your change? Continue reading to find out!

pocket change

It Is Painless

One thing that is quite interesting about saving change is that it doesn’t mean that you have to cut anything out of your life. Therefore, it is painless. The change that you could have given that waiter or vendor to keep can easily go into your savings jar.

In most cases, change is used without thought because it isn’t money that is budgeted for. So, it is quite painless to save it since it doesn’t have a use.

It Motivates You

When it comes to saving, you need to start small and build your strength rather than trying to go hard from day one. When you start with the pocket change you get from stores, it motivates you.

You’ll be looking at it by the end of the week or month and thinking to yourself, “It surely can be done.” That’s how powerful those pennies you normally discard can be.

There Are No Rules

With other forms of savings, you need to have a plan first. However, when you are saving pocket change, you can start immediately!

Okay, maybe there is one rule; all of the change you receive should be saved. Really, save everything you receive without flinching. It makes saving fun and durable in the long run.

It Quickly Adds Up

The money that you save adds up by the end of the month. This doesn’t mean you’ll end up with hundreds of dollars when you start saving your change, but it will add up more than you would think. After a few months, you’ll see that, from your jar, you have enough to buy those shoes that you desire.

If you look at your saving jar every evening when putting in extra change for the day, you’ll start seeing how it grows. That means that the money is just adding up every day.

You Form A Habit

When it comes to saving, the more you form a habit the better off you will be. Say you start saving $100 dollars this month and then save $200 the next month and $300 the other month, that’s a habit you’re forming. The same goes for saving your change. It creates a saving habit that you can adapt to your life.

And, a saving habit is something that a lot of people struggle with. But when you start with change, it makes it easy. Just keep up saving every penny you get until you are ready to move on to more substantial amounts of money.


The psychology of saving change is one that a number of people still haven’t embraced, unfortunately. It teaches you discipline and character. Other than that, you get to learn that no matter how small, any amount can make a difference in the end.

If you save change worth a dollar every single day for one whole year, you’ll have $365 by end of that year alone. What can you buy with that amount?