We love talking about billionaire spending because a lot of that spending is crazy and we love to hear about it. Most of the things they buy could be purchased at a cheaper price, but since their billionaires, they can afford to spend an extra 100 million or two. 

These things range from skyscrapers to art. You will be surprised after seeing what these people pay millions to purchase. They do it mostly to maintain their fame and social status.

Billionaires also buy the most exotic things the world has to offer for different reasons. Here are various items purchased by billionaires for different reasons. Most of these things are outrageous to us, but are perfectly normal for them.

photo credit:achitecturaldigest.in

A Haircut Worth more than $43,979

Can you imagine spending more than half of what you earn on a haircut? It sounds outrageous for ordinary people but not for billionaires. In 2009, The Sultan of Brunei, Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, spent $25,358 on a haircut plus cost of travel totaling more than $40,000.

After the swine flu struck his area, this billionaire paid $18,621 for a private luxury cabin to fly to his barber. Haji Hassanal paid a total of $43, 979 for a single haircut including the flight fee. For many folks, that is the yearly salary.

The Home Worth more than 2 Billion 

The Antilia is a private home with 27 stores based in Mumbai. Its construction took seven years, and the total cost was $2 billion. This 27-story skyscraper requires 600 staff to maintain.

Moreover, this mansion has a movie theater, swimming pool, three helipads, and a fitness center to name just a few of the things it has to offer. It houses steel magnate Mukesh Ambani and his family members. 

A Journal Worth $43.3 Million

Leonardo da Vinci is renowned across the globe for describing testing apparatus in detail to help scientists understand aerodynamics. Bill Gates bought Leonardo da Vinci’s journal for $43.3 million. This journal contains essential information on science, which might have helped Bill Gates with his ideas.

$8.51 Million in Cosmetic Surgeries

Jocelyn Wildenstein, an American socialite, received billions after her divorce was finalized. Later she spent $8.51 million on cosmetic surgeries, which earned her the nickname as Catwoman. The reason she is called that name is because the millions she spent on her face has led her to looking feline.

A 24-Carat-Gold-Plated Rolls-Royce

Hassan Bolkiah purchased his 24-Carat-Gold-Plated-Rolls-Royce for $20.3 million. Typically, this car is worth $14 million, but the special gold plating cost him an extra $6 million. He allegedlly bought it for his wedding. This new car tops up his 7,000 car collection.

A Yacht Worth $650 million

In 2003, Roman Abramovich purchased the Chelsea Football club for $240 million. Moreover, he spent $650.30 million on the Eclipse Yacht, which is the second largest private yacht in the world. His love for football contributed to this idea of purchasing the club.

Moreover, Mr. Abramovich wanted to up his status, thus the new purchase for the Eclipse Yacht. This yacht has ample space for his activities; therefore, according to Abramovich, it was worth every dollar he spent.

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A 14-Foot Shark worth $11.55 Million

Steven A. Cohen, an American billionaire hedge fund manager, purchased a 14-foot shark worth $11.55 million. He is an avid art collector. Thus the new purchase of Damien Hirst’s Shark, which is a shark preserved in formaldehyde in a vitrine.

The amount sounds outrageous, but this is how it is with the billionaires. 

Bottom Line

Billionaires are known for spending money on crazy things, or at least what sounds crazy for folks that aren’t rolling in the dollars. A lot of it has to do with the fact that they’ve got more money than they know what to do with so it’s got to be spent somewhere.