Benedict Cumberbatch is a prominent CBE English actor with exquisite talent. Have you ever heard of the BBC’s Sherlock star? Benedict Cumberbatch is this studio’s star. He appeared in different Hollywood films such as Tinker Tailor Soldier, Star Trek, The Hobbit trilogy, and into the Darkness, to name a few.

You may have heard or watched either of these movies. If you have watched him you know how natural he is regardless of the role. Besides this actor being prominent, you will be surprised to find out that there is much you don’t know about him.

When actors are on the camera, it is difficult to tell what is going on in their lives. Actors have lives we never see like Benedict who has had a hard life experiencing health problems and struggling to find the right career path. Here are several facts you did not know about Benedict Cumberbatch.

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Heterochromia Condition

Benedict Cumberbatch’s eyes are of different colors, and this condition is scarce but not life-threatening. If you observe keenly in most of his pictures, you will see the difference. His irises have a mixture of green, blue, and gold colors. This condition gives him a unique look.

He is Pro Feminism

Most of Cumberbatch’s fans love using the term Cunberbitches, but he is not a fan of this term. According to him, this word takes feminism to old ages, where women were treated differently than men.

Benedict Cumberbatch prefers the name cumber-people, which is more respectful. Now you know that Cumberbatch is a polite actor who values gender equality.

He was Kidnapped

While in South Africa, he was held at gunpoint only to be kidnapped later. Benedict Cumberbatch explains how he was tied and thrown in a car boot for hours. He found himself in the middle of nowhere and was released with no explanation for the kidnapping.

You will be surprised by the hardships actors, and other celebrities go through when they are not on camera. Of course, there are a ton of people who want to take advantage of people they perceive to have a lot of money. 

Auditioning on a Friend’s Phone

Did you know that Benedict Cumberbatch auditioned for Star Trek: Into the Darkness while in a friend’s kitchen. He used an iPhone to make his dreams a reality. The hardship of his audition did not limit him from achieving all set goals.

Benedict is now a Hollywood star and a celebrity known across the globe for his acting career.

A Top Scorer Took a Turn

Besides having an acting talent, Benedict Cumberbatch was a top scholar and had impressive GCSE results. He worked hard in school for the GCSE, but he discovered pot, girls, and all kinds of fun during his A-level. This party boy’s life took a turn and harmed his grades.

Fear when Meeting Famous People

Have you ever heard of a prominent person having fear and being struck when meeting other famous people? Well, Benedict Cumberbatch admitted that he has fear whenever he is meeting with famous people. It’s ironic since he is known across the globe.

Career Dreams

Benedict’s parents paid expensive fees for him to study since they were against him being an actor. His parents’ wish almost came true when Benedict toyed with the idea of becoming a lawyer instead of an actor.

Moreover, Benedict admitted that he wanted to be a neurosurgeon if he did not make it as an actor. It’s true to say that he was destined for acting.

However, his destiny was being an actor who has earned him both fame and a lot of money. Over the years, Cumberbatch has been nominated for numerous awards and received many rewards for different films. Moreover, he has been to heartbeat two times.

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The Hobbit

While still young, he was read The Hobbit story by his dad as a bedtime story. This bedtime story was long before knowing that he would act the smug role in the film one day. It was like reliving his childhood all over.

Bottom line

Benedict Cumberbatch has had an amazing career life as a professional actor. His career began while acting in the very bossy role of Joseph during his school’s nativity play. He is a talented actor who has won hearts. There is  a lot more behind the scenes for every actor you think you know.