5 Things You Shouldn’t Do with Your Salary if You Want to Get Rich

Everyone has their definition of what wealth means. Some might invest, whereas others work way too hard to make more money.

Whereas both rich and poor people sometimes make financial mistakes, there is one thing common among rich people: they have mastered good money habits.

If you want to get rich (which I am sure you do), watch out for these five things that you shouldn’t do with your salary; amazingly, these are things right there with you, in your daily routines.


Spending Your Money When You Are Emotional

When some people are feeling low, their only remedy is going shopping. Never go shopping when you are not feeling well; you will end up spending all your money on things that might not please you later. Also, avoid pushy salespeople, as they tend to convince people to buy items they would have instead not bought. Whereas a positive reinforcement never hurts anyone, never get it from a person whose aim is to make sales.

There are several ways you can make yourself feel better without spending money. Look at your budget and plan accordingly.

Not Living Within Your Means

One of the ways to get rich is to live within your means. As you do this, remember to invest and save for your children’s college, retirement, emergency fund, and even paying that mortgage.

Losing Track of Your Money

Most people tend to look away from their expenses, not knowing it’s a recipe for financial challenges. Always keep tabs on how much you spend and how you spend it. Know how much is coming in and what your goals are, and plan accordingly. Doing so will help you understand how much is coming in and what you are doing with your money.

Posting Your Money and Expenses on Social Media

Whether you are earning millions or still struggling financially, never share your financial status with the public. This is one mistake young adults are doing nowadays, forgetting that no one is interested in how much you earn or how expensive the car you are driving is.

Most people do this to show off to others or to inspire others, but do not get surprised if you end up making yourself vulnerable to theft or robbery.

Loaning Money to People You Do Not Trust

Everyone has that relative or family member you can never trust with your money. Don’t be so quick to lend them your money because in case they don’t pay you back, this means you end up with less money than before, and you will probably have strained your relationship with them.

It might be hard to say no to family and friends who might need your financial help, but consider whether it’s an amount you’d be willing to lose. If not, how will you recover the money in case you don’t get paid back? Whatever the case, do not be so quick to lend money to people you do not trust.


Having financial discipline does not happen overnight. It takes time and commitment to achieve it. Think of how much you earn, your financial goals, and how to achieve them. If you aspire to get rich, you have to work for it.

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