Training a dog at home isn’t a difficult task. You can do it easily if you have enough time to spend with your dog and supervise them. 

The problem is people don’t have enough time to supervise, and that creates difficulties. It would help if you spent enough time each day. 

Keep an eye on them and correct them as soon you see them doing an incorrect act. 

Frequent Outdoor Visits

Dogs love to go outside, and you should take them out as often as possible. Try to make sure that you take them outside at least once every three hours. 

Bathroom Spot

The first thing you need to teach your dog is where to go to the toilet (eliminate). You need to pick a spot and always take them to the spot when it is time. 

Furthermore, you need to use a word whenever you take him to the spot to remind him what to do. Only take your dog for a long walk or play with him after he has eliminated. 


Rewarding your dog is the best way to tell them that they have followed your commands. It would help if you gave them a treat when they eliminate at the right spot. 

This is the most important step because it is the only way to communicate with them. It gives them an idea of what do you expect from them. 

Eating Routine

When a puppy eats at the right time, it comes out on a schedule. It makes it easy to expect when they need to eliminate. You can design a feeding routine as per their age. 

However, you must be feeding at the same time every day. Establishing a routine makes the whole process simple and easier for both of you. 

Remove Water Dish at Night

You need to remove the water dish three hours before the bedtime of your puppy. It ensures that they don’t need to eliminate during the night. 

Most of the dogs can sleep for about seven to eight hours without any disruption. If you find them awake, don’t play and take them outside. It will create problems in establishing a routine. 

What are the Most Important Things You Need to Know For it to Work?

During the training process, you need to know a few things to train your dog efficiently. 

Establish a Routine

When it comes to training a dog, you need to make sure that you establish a routine. You need to follow the routine in order to speed up the training process. It will help your dog to remember how to do things in the right manner. 


You need to keep an eye on the dog as much as possible during the training process. Whenever you see the dog doing an inappropriate act, you need to interrupt immediately. 

If you notice any signs that he wants to go outside, take him outside and walk for a while. It will establish a way of communication between you and your dog. 

Confine Your Dog When you are Away

If you are going out of the house or can’t supervise your dog because of any reason, confine him. You can dedicate a place for your dog and tether him. You can give them freedom in your house only after he is trained correctly. 

Expect Few Accidents

During the training process, you should be willing to accept some mistakes. Your dog will make a few mistakes, and you need to correct them. You must not ignore a mistake as it will confuse your dog

If your dog eliminates in the house, you need to say “Outside” loudly to make him realize the mistake. If you don’t interrupt, it will confuse your dog resulting in an extended training period.  


When it comes to training a dog, you need to be consistent and patient. You need to make sure that you don’t confuse the dog with different commands every time. You need to fix places for him and then stick to them. 

Punishment is never a solution. You shouldn’t punish your dog too often. However, you can confine your dog, if required. If you follow these tips, you will be able to train your dog in no time.