Looking for an insurance to protect you from unexpected, high medical costs? Start early and give yourself peace of mind with the Aviva Health Insurance. Even if no one plans to get sick, it pays to have something to help you with the hospitalization bills, treatments and maintaining your health. With this health plan, you can be in control of your healthcare. Coverage is comprehensive and you get to choose from a range of healthcare benefits for you and your family.

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Benefits of the Aviva Health Insurance

Aviva provides comprehensive health plans to clients. With these plans, you get coverage from most types of illness and conditions that are affecting your quality of life. In this article, we’re going to explore what comes with the Aviva Private Health Insurance.

The best thing about this health plan is the prompt access to the UK’s best medical facilities minus the long lines. With over 100 networks of hospitals and clinics, you can experience VIP treatment and advice. BMI, Nuffield and Spire Healthcare are just some of the hospitals you can count on for quality medical care.

For hospital admission and operations, you get to enjoy en suite room for maximum comfort and privacy. Aside from accommodation, all other expenses are paid including nursing care, meals, drug costs and more.

When it comes to cancer, having the Aviva Private Health Insurance also pays off because you can get coverage for the diagnosis, doctor’s appointments, treatments, and aftercare. Certainly free of charge, so you can be worry-free.

For out-patient consultations, note that diagnostic tests, specialist fees, and special treatments are covered. X-rays, urine tests, blood, and stool are just some of the standard diagnostic tests.

Looking for an insurance to protect you from unexpected, high medical costs? Cheap Aviva Health Insurance is your best option. Here's how to apply:

Aviva Private Health Insurance Application

Availing this insurance is easy and hassle-free. Simply visit the Aviva website and register an account. Once successful, you can log in then get a free quote online. In case you want to explore more options and add boosters to the desired plan, you can always contact the customer hotline. Customer hotline is available Mondays to Fridays 8 am to 8 pm.

Fees and Charges of the Aviva Private Health Insurance

Since this is an insurance, premium depends on different factors including your current health condition, existing illnesses, if there’s any, type of coverage needed and boosters. In case you have pre-existing conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and asthma, you cannot avail of this insurance as these conditions fall under chronic diseases. You need to clarify this to Aviva to get advice on what you can do.

Overall, the Aviva Private Health Insurance gives you peace of mind that the costs of healthcare and hospitalization are free of charge. Aside from consultations, you can also experience VIP treatment in 100 networks of hospitals and health clinics all over the UK. Finally, you and your family can benefit from this plan with 24/7 GP consultations within the mobile app, free delivery of prescriptions and pharmacy support.