Want to ensure that your personal and commercial assets are well secured and protected? What you need is insurance that will cover against huge financial losses. With Simply Business Insurance, you can get tailored plans with different levels of protection. Whatever industry you’re in, a range of insurance plans can be availed to cover for the damages and unexpected expenses.

To know more about the benefits, premium and other information about this insurance, read on.

Benefits of the Simply Business Insurance

Simply Business has over 475,000 customers who are fully-insured. Once you availed of the insurance policy, you can get access to a myriad of perks that come with the business insurance. In this article, we’re going to dive into the details about the Business Contents Insurance.

As a business owner, equipment and tools are the second most important resources following manpower. Without the use of technology, it will take time before you can complete a task. If you own heavy-duty and highly advanced equipment, you need protection from damages and losses. In case equipment was stolen or suddenly stopped working, you can get assistance with the Simply Business Contents Insurance.

Aside from getting repairs free of charge, you can also get a claim for replacement of the unit or machine. Simply call the customer support hotline to report a problem and be assisted right away.

Computers, laptops and photocopy machines are not the only ones that can be protected by this insurance. Even furniture like chairs and tables can be insured too. If you have a beauty salon, furniture might be a crucial part of the operations.

Another reason to avail of this insurance is the protection from the sudden water pipe bursts in the office that can potentially damage items and equipment. Having the Simply Business Contents Insurance lets you replace these for free.

Want to ensure that your personal and commercial assets are well secured and protected? Cheap Simply Business Insurance is for you. Here's how to apply:

Simply Business Contents Insurance Application

To get started, you can contact the hotline provided by Simply Business. Before calling the number, you can get the information you need on the website about the coverage and other details. In addition, there’s an online tool on their website that lets you find out quotes based on different information like nature of the business, cover options and more.

Note that the insurance provider offers good value policies depending on your needs and budget. It’s best to contact them personally if you have further questions.

Fees and Charges of the Simply Business Contents Insurance

The annual premium is provided by Simply Business. You can either pay it in full by a credit or debit card, pay monthly installments or pay annually in full by BACS or Bankers’ Automated Clearing Services. Other fees and charges are disclosed by the insurance provider.

All in all, the Simply Business Contents Insurance is worth your money because you can prevent huge financial losses caused by equipment damages. In case you own a business premise and you want extra protection for your items, this insurance is the best choice.