Your credit has the ability to determine a lot in your life today. You can’t even get a decent place to rent if you have a poor credit score. So, finding the right way to build your credit is a dream for everyone.

Of course, there are ways that you may have heard of before about how you can build your score. One of the ways you can do this is by ensuring that you pay off your debt in time. But, what other ways can you use to build your credit score?

There are some unique tricks that you can use to build your credit score today. To find out more about them, you should definitely read below. Info on how you can use your credit card to help raise your credit score can also be found here. Read on to learn more.

Unique Ways to Build Credit - See Here

Get a Secured Loan

To build your credit, at times, you need to be able to first secure a loan. The only loan that you are eligible for when you have no credit or a poor one is a secured loan.

So, these banks will offer you a special type of loan that is geared towards helping you build your score. These loans are known as credit-builder loans and they are generally low-risk. You first have to deposit a certain amount for you to get this loan.

What you’ll be borrowing will be against the amount that you initially had deposited in the account. The deposit is the one that will work as the collateral in this case. The downside to this loan is that you’ll have to part with a higher interest.

Pay Your Student Loan Consistently

One of the credit killers that you may be carrying around without knowing is the student loan. If you don’t have a plan to make payments on time and consistently, it’s time to create that plan now. This will ensure that you aren’t reported to the credit bureaus.

With your name on credit bureaus, you’ll have a hard time trying to build your score. Your student loan is still a debt like any other that you may have and it isn’t exempted when it comes to your creditworthiness.

Get a Credit Card

Now, one of the popular ways to help build your credit today is by opening a credit card account. Here, depending on your stand, you may get a secured credit card or an unsecured one. And, you need to start with the one that has a low credit limit as it may be the one that is easy to get.

When you have that card, use it in handy situations alone. Only charge the type of amounts that you’ll easily pay for. Also, you need to ensure that the balance is paid for in full – every month. Paying off your balance will set good precedence where your credit is concerned.

Open a Joint Credit Card Account

Unique Ways to Build Credit - See Here
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If you want one of the most unique ways in which you can build your score then this is it. Here, you’ll have a credit card that you may have just co-signed on, which means it isn’t reliant on you. You have to, however, co-sign with someone with a good credit score.

The good thing about this scenario is that the joint account is responsible for the credit. It doesn’t fall entirely on your feet when the paying matter is forced by the lender. In some scenarios, if you’re a young person looking to build your score, your parents may add you to their plan. 

Here, as an authorized user of the card, you’ll have your spending habits monitored and hence credit built. The parents will likely take the burden of paying so, missing payment won’t have to be a worry. 


Building your credit can be a struggle that can confuse you if don’t know the right process. These are the unique ways that can help you build your credit that you may have not considered before.