With accidents and other unfortunate incidents being a part of everyday life, being prepared is the least we can do. With a New York Life Insurance policy, you can maintain peace of mind that if something were to happen, your loved ones will be ok.

New York Life offers some of the most comprehensive insurance plans to help you prepare for the future. Their wide range of offerings include: Term Life insurance, Whole Life insurance, Universal Life insurance, and Variable Universal Life insurance.

To learn more about New York Life Insurance and how you can apply, read on.

New York Life Insurance Features and Benefits

If you are looking for affordable life insurance, New York Life offers some good deals that will help set your loved ones up for life and won’t hurt the bank in the meantime. Considered as the number 1 life insurance company in terms of financial strength, New York Life continues to give patrons great deals and rewards for sticking with them.

One of the most popular offerings by New York Life is their Whole Life Insurance. Under this option, your designated beneficiaries will be protected with access to cash for life in the unfortunate event of your passing.

One of the great benefits of the Whole Life policy is that the cash value of the insured amount is guaranteed to grow. With this growth in cash value, your beneficiaries can access extra cash when needed through dividends. These benefits accrue tax deferred, allowing for maximized savings.

Should you choose any life insurance policy with New York Life, you will be given the opportunity to customize your own plan and how often you wish to pay your premiums. Monthly, quarterly, or weekly, the ball is in your favor. If you should encounter an accident, your death benefits will be transferred to your chosen beneficiaries without additional charge or tax.

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How to Apply for New York Life Insurance

To help you find the best New York Life insurance deal, getting in touch with a company representative is imperative. With their knowledge and assistance, you will be able to negotiate, build and customize a plan that offers the best benefits for your premium.

To be put in touch with the right person who can help you get the most affordable deal in your area, go to the New York Life website and fill out the short online form. One of the financial professionals will then call you back to begin setting up your life insurance plan.

Typically, you will need to be prepared to provide information over the phone about your annual income, mortgage balance, other debt, dependents’ education costs, and the like.

New York Life Insurance Fees and Charges

The premium amount for your New York Life insurance policy will depend on a variety of factors. These include your age, gender, health, lifestyle, and occupation. The annual premium for term life insurance for a non-smoker ranges between $323 to $669 depending on your age and your gender. Meanwhile, annual rates for whole life insurance can range between $798 to $1,417.


If you’re thinking about getting life insurance, don’t put it off any longer. By applying for a New York Life insurance policy, you can help prepare for your loved ones’ future as early as today. Visit the New York Life website for more information on life insurance plans.