When was the last time you didn’t use your credit card to make payment? Most payments today, by a number of people, are made through credit cards and for good reason too. Credit cards not only provide you with a payment system but also a chance to earn rewards.

And a number of companies have realized how crucial credit cards are. With that, Woolworths is one such company that wasn’t looking to be left behind when it came to the idea of credit cards. That’s why they, too, have a rewards card. This is named the  Woolworths Gold Credit Card.

Since cards have a number of rewards attached to them, you can learn more about the rewards you can get with this card here. Find out more about how you can apply for the card by reading on. Info on the fees that the card has can also be found here as well.

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Features & Benefits of a Woolworths Gold Credit Card

With credit cards, you can definitely expect some goodies to come with the card. With this Woolworths card, you get 2% rebate on all your purchases. The 2% you get back when you make purchases are in the form of Woolworths vouchers.

The card also carries a number of benefits for your travels. For example, wherever in the world that you see a Visa sign, you are able to make payments at the center. You also get basic travel insurance when you are a holder of this card. You, however, have to be below 75-years-old for you to get the insurance that comes with the card.

In terms of rewards, you also get discounts for your purchases at Woolworths. As a cardholder, all the rewards program that happens at Woolworths, you are a part of them. You then get 0.75% on all of the purchases that you make outside of Woolworths.

When you make purchases at gas stations using this card, you get a 1% cashback on your expense. You also get to spend with the card for up to 55 days without any interest charged on the card.

Requirements & Application Process

You have to meet the set requirements for you to apply for this card and they include being 18 years old. You also have to be a holder of a valid RSA ID card and be earning at least R3,000 on a monthly basis.

You then have to produce your latest three payslips – computer-generated slips. If you don’t have copies of your slips, you can produce a bank statement with the last three months of your account activity.

To apply for the card, just visit the Woolworths website and look for the credit card section. There, pick out this specific card and apply for it. Fill in the easy form there with your personal information then your financial information.

Interest & Other Fees of this Woolworths Gold Credit Card

When it comes to this card, you have fees such as an R150 initiation fee that is charged once when you apply for the card. You then have to pay a monthly fee of R86. The interest rate that comes with this card is set at 21%.

The good thing about the fees charged, as a holder of this card, is that there aren’t any additional fees. What is advertised is exactly what you get when it comes to the fees that are charged.

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Company’s Contact Info & Address

You can get in touch with Woolworths concerning this credit card through their phone number, 0861 50 20 20. You can also get in touch for the same reason through the official email creditcard@wfs.co.za.The company’s head office is located at FMCG – General Stores, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.


With a card like Woolworths Gold Credit card, there are a number of discounts that you get. The good thing is that, with just a few documents, you can easily apply for this card. And the application process for the card is quite easy and straightforward. It only takes a few minutes to get the application process done when you do it online and here is how you can do it today.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.