How many credit cards have you used over the past couple of days? How many are issued by a specific company for use at their stores and online stores? You probably have used a number of your cards and have a few from specific companies like Woolworths Silver Credit Card.

If you are an avid Woolworths shopper, you definitely need to know about their special credit card. On top of being able to get discounts from Woolworths, you are able to use the card for other purchases as well. Plus, you get to earn a number of rewards while you use the card.

You can find out more about how you can earn rewards from this card below. Info such as qualification and how you can apply for this specific card can also be found below. You can also see how much you are expected to pay to be a holder of this card.


Benefits and Features of Woolworths Silver Credit Card

First of all, with this card, you earn with every Woolworths purchase that you make. You earn at least 1% back for every purchase that you make at Woolworths. This 1% that you get back when you use the card comes in the form of Woolies Vouchers or as you’d rather have them, Wvouchers.

Outside of Woolworths, you earn up to 0.5% back in Wvouchers as well. When you use the card for your fuel expenses, you end up getting 1% back. The 1% back when you spend on fuel also comes in the form of Wvouchers.

It isn’t all about earning rewards with the card as you have a number of benefits that you enjoy with this card like travel insurance if you’re under 75 years. Also, worldwide, wherever you see a Visa sign, you can use the card.

You can also withdraw money from the card at any Visa ATM worldwide. The other thing is that as a holder of the card, you are part of the Woolworths Rewards program. That means that you get lower prices on all items at Woolworths.

Eligibility and How to Apply

To qualify for the card, first, you have to be of legal age which means you have to be 18-years-old to apply. You then have to either be employed or self-employed and earning at least R2500 a month to get this card.

There are documents that you have to produce for the issuer to confirm that you meet the criteria that have been set. You need to have an RSA I.D card. You also need to produce a bank statement detailing the last three months’ transactions in your account.

You can apply for the card online by visiting the Woolworths website and searching for the cards section. From the cards that you can choose from, choose this Woolworths Silver Credit Card. On the next page, click the “Apply Now” button there.

You have to fill out your personal information, followed by your financial information. You then need to upload the required documents on the same site and for your profile to be evaluated. It should take a couple of minutes before you get your feedback.

Interest & Charges

The fees that this card is associated with are as follows.

Initiation fee – R150

Monthly fees – R22

APR – 20.5%

There are no balance transfers when it comes to this card and you have 55 interest-free days as a holder of this card. There are up to 8 free secondary cards that come with this card, should you ever find yourself in need of them.


Contact Info & Address

You can get in touch with Woolworths concerning this credit card through phone number 0861 50 20 20.

The company’s head office is located at FMCG – General Stores, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.


Since there are cards for almost everything that you need today, Woolworths has decided to make shopping at their stores well worth it with a credit card of their own.  You can amp your finances by earning rewards with the card when you shop at Woolworths and use it elsewhere as well. 

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information