Have you been looking for a user-friendly credit card with low fees in vain? Are you tired of using cards that rip you off of your hard-earned cash?

If you can relate to this feeling, you may consider the African Bank for finding a new credit card. The African Bank Gold Credit Card is here to address all your concerns.

Does this excite you already? Read on to find out how you can apply for this credit card today.

Benefits and Features of an African Bank Gold Credit Card

The benefits of this credit card are great and many. First of all, when you apply for your credit card, you will receive it instantly at the branch, and your card will come with up to 60 days interest-free credit on all purchases. This, of course, depends on whether you fully settle your credit card on time.

You also have the opportunity to earn 3% interest back each year on positive statements balances.

With this credit card, you will also receive free SMS updates to track all your transactions and help you keep your day to day spending in check. This is just one of the many conveniences allowed with this card.

There is no need to carry cash whenever you go shopping. With your card in place, all you need to do is swipe and enter your PIN to complete the transaction without swipe fees.

The African Bank assures you that they have your back wherever you go, and you can actually use your credit card in any merchant location that has a VISA logo. Furthermore, if you lose your card, they will block it immediately, and send you a replacement and some emergency cash to use in the meantime.

This card is also great for those who travel often. As long as you are a cardholder, you will be subject to basic travel insurance. This will give you access to free legal and medical aid and advice when travelling.

With all these amazing perks and more, how could you not be interested in what the African Bank Gold Credit Card has to offer? Read on to find out about eligibility and how you can apply today.

Eligibility and How to Apply for an African Bank Gold Credit Card

As long as you are eligible, applying for this credit card is pretty simple and straightforward. First, you are supposed to be over 18 years old with a proof of South African residence no older than three months.

To apply, head to the African Bank website with your most recent proof of income, reflecting at least three salary deposits, and your latest bank statements, reflecting three salary deposits.

You can also apply in branch, where you can receive your card instantly.

African Bank Gold Credit Card Fees & Charges

It is always advisable to pay your credit card on time so you don’t incur extra charges that could negatively affect your credit score.

Some of the common costs that you are expected to pay include:

  • R5.75 purchase transactions fee internationally
  • R5.75 ATM balance inquiry fee
  • R7.5 cashback fee at POS
  • R5.75 deposit fee (plus 1.3% of transaction value over R250)
  • R69 monthly service fee
  • R115 card replacement fee
  • R5.55 funds transfer fee
  • Interest rate (APR) from 15% to 27.50%

For more detailed information on fees and other factors to consider, head to the African Bank website. African Bank’s address is also listed here: Head office, 59, 16th Road, Midrand Johannesburg.


If you are looking for a credit card that comes with unbeatable perks, the African Bank Gold Credit Card should be your number one choice. Head to the African Bank website today and apply for your credit card.

Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit products. Ensure you consult the bank’s terms and conditions page before agreeing to anything.